Rebates for Home Improvements

Home Upgrades Made Easy with Rebates and Renovation Mortgages

glassLooking to improve the insulation rating in the attic of your Cumberland character home? Want to install a more energy efficient heating system in your cabin on Mt. Washington? Now is a great time to make upgrades to your home with over $5000 in rebates available through the BC Home Energy Rebate Offer. Until March 31, 2015, the BC Hydro and Fortis BC partnership is offering rebates to entice you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. There are rebates for improving the insulation of your home, draft-proofing, adding ventilation, and upgrading your water and space heating systems. If you perform 3 or more eligible upgrades you qualify for an additional $750 rebate! Still don’t think you can afford those home improvements you’ve been wanting to make? Read our article on Renovation Financing Mortgages to learn how other home owners in Courtenay and Comox are taking advantage of low mortgage rates to finance their renovation projects!

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